What's New In Swift 5.1 🏎

Among tons of new shiny things announced last week at WWDC19 (🤯), the first beta of Xcode 11 with Swift 5.1 was delivered.

Even though this is a dot release, Swift 5.1 brings exciting new features and enhancements, affecting every single Swift codebase out there.

For my company monthly talk I've decided to present what's new in Swift 5.1 in a simple and concise format, with actual example code.

You can see the whole presentation slides here:


Check out the full slides at SpeakerDeck

Be aware that I did not talk about the new features that Apple has sneakily shipped with Xcode 11, as those did not go throughout the normal evolution process and can still change.If you're interested in those, as you should, since they're a fundamental part to understand how SwiftUI works, you can check this awesome article by John Sundell.

You can also download the slides, along with other materials, in this new talks repository that I've just created (hope to add more and more talks soon!).

Obviously the slides alone is not like being there during the presentation, still, if you have any feedback, please let me know!


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