Introducing WWDC Notes

As a university student, there hasn't been a day where I came back home without plenty of new, lengthly notes from all the classes I attended.

Sometimes my professors would explain concepts way better than the course books, or cover topics that were not in the books at all. I didn't want to miss a thing!

While my university years are over, the habit of taking notes has never really faded away, and one place where this is clearly manifested at is Apple's WWDC.

Every year Apple gifts us with hundreds of new sessions that dive deep into new frameworks, show us the evolution of current frameworks, dictate new best practices, and much more.

All of this WWDC material is incredibly valuable, and I find myself referencing to my WWDC notes over and over, even many years after taking them.

While this is great, all of these notes were only growing year by year, and with not much of an organization, it started getting harder to find exactly what I needed.

I had to find a solution, and while I was at it, I thought that, maybe, these notes could be useful to other people as well.


WWDC Notes 🎉

WWDC Notes is a brand new website that contains all my past and future WWDC notes, all the way back to WWDC 2012 (for the moment!). All notes are separated by year, track (Design, Developer Tools, ...), and platform.

While the website currently contains only my notes, it doesn't have to be that way:
WWDC Notes content is completely open source and I welcome everybody to come in and add even more notes or update the current ones with corrections/enhancements/etc.

I had fun building it and I hope you will find WWDC Notes useful as much as I find it myself!

This is very much an MVP with more features to come, if you have a chance, please have a look!

Any feedback/feature request/and more is very welcome, please hit me on Twitter! 😊

Thank you for reading and I wish everybody a great WWDC 2020!


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